How I made it into the still life club – or – my studio is covered in blood. (warning, graphic image inside)

PAID UP MEMBER OF THE STILL LIFE PHOTOGRAPHER’S CLUB So it was just last month that I, a humble photographer, cheerfully moseying about the studio in relaxed fashion, prepared to shoot some large, expensive handmade rugs for e-commerce. It was, and should’ve been a simple job. Evenly lit rugs, showing texture detail and accurate colour. […]

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New bits of work

Wow, crazy-busy start to the year

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New site, New work, New year.

Ah, good evening. It’s 00:49 here, and I have to be up in a short while to take my little girl to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. In my mind, tomorrow’s frivolities will involve said daughter shrieking, whooping and air-punching in delight as she shuttles round at a snail’s pace on one of those merry-go-rounds […]

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Moving forward with a little personal work

The other day I finished a blinding shoot for master glassworker Anthony Stern. I already blogged about it, so I won’t go into too much detail here, but suffice to say, it’s led to a fortunate pairing which is giving me the opportunity to shoot a bit of personal work. Whilst in his office the […]

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E-commerce with Adam

Bonjour! Now, assuming we want to keep earning an income, we photographers are duty-bound to approach every single photoshoot as if it’s the freshest, most exciting job (never call it a job, always use a semi-superlative such as “challenge”) they’ve ever shot. Whoever, in the pursuit of truth, it has to be said that E-Commerce […]

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The Sun In The Studio

I really love jobs like this. In fact, I really love still life, period. I’m not a loner in any real measure, but shooting in the studio with a pair of headphones in, and just remaining in your own world for several hours can be very character-building. Of course, there’s always those still-life jobs (mostly […]

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Worst Mirror Ever.

If you’re wondering why all of my updates so far have been about minutiae additions to my studio, and demand an explanation, then you should know it’s because I recently signed an extended lease and decided to jazz the place up a bit. If I’m going to be penned in for the extortionate rates these […]

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Goodbye deadly STROBE equipment.

It was an auspicious day for me this week, as the eBay auction for this equipment burdened a poor soul from Birmingham with the responsibility of the world’s deadliest photographic equipment. STROBE, to younger photographers such as myself, is mostly only heard of through veteran photographers, always playing the main antagonist in a story from […]

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New Sofa

Up until this week, clients in the studio were forced to suffer the squalid indignation of having to rest their weary pegs at the kitchen table, like staff at Downton Abbey. Now they get to sprawl their pins upon the vintage Chesterfield to your right.

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Red By Wolves

Shot some beautiful shoes last week, again with my good pal Matt Scofield. Red By Wolves had recently moved full production of these gorgeous handmade shoes over to England, and the brief was "a minimal aesthetic with an established, matt palette to complement the richness of the leather". Really fun shoot to work on.
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